For once, POS got it right

POS blames Mueller for his low approval ratings. He finally got something right. Mueller is definitely PART of his low numbers. And he only has himself to blame.

You see, if you and your campaign have not done anything illegal, two years later there would not still be an ongoing investigation that has nailed half a dozen members of your administration in a variety of criminal enterprises. Remember how many investigations there were of Hillary? Not one indictment no matter how hard the Rs in Congress tried. Now, multiple indictments despite how hard the Rs in Congress tried to stop it.

POS is responsible for his own low ratings by giving America an administration that demonstrates just how low and sleazy politics can be when its reality is exposed to public view. I have no doubt there are other politicians with dirty secrets that have not come to light. POS, on the other hands, seems to like to flaunt his dirty secrets while proclaiming that he has every legal right to be that dirty. It’s a whole new approach to politicking in America today.

My wish for Christmas this year is simple – please let POS and his family be indicted. Please, Santa. Then it would truly be a happy holiday for everyone.