My favorite story from Facebook this week

I am not using the names of the people who shared this story on Facebook because I never use names here without permission unless they are public figures. So here’s what I read on Facebook last night that just gave me my best laugh in forever.

Person 1, an Inupiaq, gets a text asking if she’s heard the update. Person 1 responds to Person 2’s text because it came from a friend’s account that Person 1 did not know had been hacked.

Person 1 assumes this is about preparations for whaling season in Utqiaqvik since Person 2 is also Inupiaq and this would seem the logical update she’d be asking about. Person 1 responds with a bunch of questions about how preparations are going and allows as how she hasn’t heard the latest update but is interested in anything Person 2 might have to add.

So Person 1 hits the response button and sends the questions off looking for more info on how prep for whaling season is coming. A few moments later, she gets a response that starts with the words, “No, I was wondering if you’ve heard the update on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation…”

I bet whoever that spammer is, they never got a response like that before, looking for info on a whaling season!