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It’s so sad

Every day I feel as though I am watching my country be torn apart piece by piece. Our democracy is history. The idea that we have three co-equal branches of government has been tossed to the wayside by a president and party that want nothing more than raw power, no matter what gets destroyed along the way.

I am grateful my life was mostly spent in a wonderful country that I could take pride in – a leader of democracy in the world. Now I live in a country that exports guns, ammunition and soldiers as our main products and is allowing a dictatorship to arise in our midst with little to no opposition.

My youth was spent in the streets protesting a war that had no justification and racism that was simply disgusting. Where is the current generation? Why are they not in the streets screaming as their country is kidnapped by a Republican party that can only see it’s own might and money as viable goals and will allow America to be relegated to the trash heap of history if that’s what it takes to be rich and powerful.

My heart breaks for America. It was such a good idea. It was such a great ideal. It was once a melting pot that created a country so powerful that no one dared to defy it. Now it is the laughing stock of the world, ruled by an illiterate idiot that would not be tolerated in most banana republics. What a shame we have lost something that once had such great potential.

One thought on “It’s so sad”

  1. Royce Alden says:

    You only have to survive until 2020 and then vote, that is the part that really works well. Take the long view. There actually have been worse men in the office. Perhaps he can retire to his oligarchy in Russia.

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