Because they really don’t give a crap – that’s why

People seem to be startled by the fact that Republicans can sit and listen to the testimony about Orange Peel’s extortion of a foreign power for his own political gain and still claim he’s not guilty. Well folks, here’s the reality. The Republicans don’t give a damn – and that includes the Republicans that represent this great state.

Between the incompetence of Mike Dunleavy and apparently anyone he hires to the disgusting silence emanating from our congressional delegation, it is clear that Trump could kill that person on Fifth Avenue in NYC and the Rs would still defend him.

It has finally reached its culmination. It started when SCOTUS decided that corporations were people – and seriously, if they are why haven’t they hosted Thanksgiving dinner just once in their house! It continued as corporations found it easier to buy Rs than Ds – though do not get me wrong, many Ds are for sale too. All politicians should be required to wear stickers on their clothing announcing who is sponsoring them. At least then we can pick the corporation we like best.

So as the hearings about Orange Peel’s selling of America to the highest bidder while soliciting foreign interference in our elections continues, remember this. The Republicans don’t give a crap. That’s right. Not even the slightest crap. Because their only concern is staying in power and ass kissing the person they think can ensure they do.

So goodbye America. Goodbye democracy. We’ve already lost our moral standards. Our ethical beliefs have been stomped into the ground. Our standing in the world has sunk below North Korea. Other foreign leaders laugh at Orange Peel. The only people he admires are dictators like Putin and Kim Jung Un. And despite his dalliances with prostitutes, constant cheating on his wives and grabbing the pussy of any woman he thinks he reach, the religious right still thinks he’s wonderful.

So yeah. Goodbye America. It could have possibly withstood the onslaught of one or two of these issues but laying them all out there for the world to see in just three short years – well, I don’t see how we don’t crumble. And in just a few weeks, the traitors in Congress who call themselves Republicans will vote to keep this criminal in office because that works out best for them. Not for the country. For them.

So if you see Lisa Murkowski or Dan Sullivan or – god forbid – that wheezy dinosaur Don Young – over this holiday season, be sure to tell them how you feel about the way they have dismantled American democracy in support of that POS.

Lisa, Dan and Don – our contribution to the destruction of the country that they fraudulently claimed they would support and defend.