When it all runs out, then what?

First let me apologize for being away from the blog again for a few days. But, as always, technology defeated me and I had to go to the wonderful Sonya Senkowsky of Alaska Writers for help. It took her about ten seconds to do what I had not been able to do in two days.

But today let’s talk about Governor Mike Dunleavy, Alaska’s own Trump kiss ass. He seems to be spending his time as governor sucking up to every national media outlet that speaks his language… hint, hint – Fox News. He claims he can’t get fair coverage in Alaska so he has to go outside for good press. And why would the outside world’s good press matter to him? I’m guessing because so far his entire time in office has seemed like an audition for a job in the Trump administration.

If there’s any doubt that his mind is everywhere but on his job, I present to you his proposed budget for the next fiscal year. He clearly did not give it more than a minute of his time before releasing it. In it, he basically cleans out every savings account the state has in order to pay out a full PFD and maintain those programs he finds important – which are definitely not education, health care, access to locations on water, or access to remote villages, to name just a few.

When the money runs out of all those savings accounts (and it will sooner rather than later) and our governor and the incompetent legislature that rules with him realizes they forgot to craft a fiscal plan for Alaska’s future, we will all be left holding the bag – a very, very empty bag. As for Dunleavy, I’m assuming he doesn’t give a crap about bankrupting our state because he believes that by then the Trumpers will have seen his light shining under that bushel and given him a job in DC worthy of his massive ability as a suck up.

What pieces of crap we have elected to run this state. What pieces of crap we have elected in our congressional delegation. We have a governor with not enough spine to do what needs to be done to safeguard our financial future and a congressional delegation too chicken shit to call a spade a spade and vote Trump out of office.

I think I need to go back to bed and hope that the future is better than the present because I honestly don’t want to get up to the present anymore. It’s too tiring and depressing.