Yes, I celebrated

OK, I really celebrated. I stayed baked from the moment the first article of impeachment passed until I fell asleep smiling last night.

But here’s the thing. By the end of the evening what I was really smiling about was Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to send the Articles to the Senate until the Senate could basically assure a fair trial. Given that McConnell already announced Orange Peel’s innocence, you can see where impartiality would be a real issue.

Given that the Constitution provides no guidance on how long the House can keep the Articles until they are passed on to the Senate for action, I would be just has happy if they never did.

Since the Rs thought it ok to hold on to Merrick Garland’s nomination for a year because it was an election year, I think the Ds should do the same thing. Hold on to these Articles for a year… you know, because it’s an election year and the next Senate should be allowed to vote on this.

This would allow three things to happen. One, Orange Peel would not be able to brag about the Senate clearing him of all charges. Two, he would go down in history as impeached with no saving acquittal in the Senate. He would just be an impeached forever president if the Articles were never sent to the Senate. And finally. three, it would make the heads of McConnell, Orange Peel and all their cohorts explode in anger and frustration.

What better Christmas present could any of us ask for?

2 thoughts on “Yes, I celebrated”

  1. Henry Lunardi says:

    Spot on, Cuz! Impeach and with old is a fabulous strategy!

    1. Elise Patkotak says:

      I’m guessing you mean “withhold”. Don’t you just love autocorrect?

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