Ah the side eye

Since Rizley first arrived in my house it became clear he would never be the push over cuddle pillow of wiggles that Snowy is. He was clearly above what he views as Snowy’s groveling, no matter what the situation.

So last night when I saw Rizley snacking out of his food dish at 11 PM, I picked the dish up and reminded him we didn’t eat that late at night because then he pooped on the floor while mom was asleep.

The look I got from him as I took the dish away would have shaken even a stronger woman than I am. I feared going to sleep for what revenge he might wreak. Despite the fact that the food dishes are down all day so he can eat whenever he wants, removing the dish late at night seemed to send him into a tizzy.

And then I got up this morning and found his revenge in the hallway. Just because I didn’t let him eat last night apparently didn’t mean he still couldn’t poop on the floor while I was sleeping. When confronted with his misdeeds he was, to put it mildly, not all that sorry. He ignored my yelling in his face that we don’t poop in the house. Turned around, walked away, went upstairs, got on the bed and would not turn around to even look at me for the rest of the day.

I’m in the right here, aren’t I? I mean, he deserved to get a scolding, right? So why do I feel like I’ve done something wrong and the side eye I am getting when I call his name will once again translate into a misdeed in the middle of the night?