It’s hard

It’s hard in the world of Orange Peel to want to write on a daily basis about what’s going on in our country. It’s so sad and discouraging to see America with a president who doesn’t represent anything but the worst in us. This is a president who bombs someone in a country that isn’t ours or the country of the person being bombed but in a third country and enjoys the hysteria it causes.

Imagine someone doing that in America – sending a drone in to kill someone without our government’s knowledge or approval. Orange Peel would be on top of Trump Tower tearing his clothes off in a massive temper tantrum while trying to swat at the airplanes circling his head with half-eaten chicken fingers.

Looking back over the history of America, especially in the last seventy years or so, it becomes painfully clear that we have wasted our resources on weapons while a country like China has used their money to rebuild their infrastructure and improve their economy. We have been almost continuously at war for over 70 years and what do we have to show for it except for a lot of wounded warriors begging for just a little of the money that went to fund the war to help heal their wounds of war. Yeah, good luck with that. We are a country whose greatest export is war. We are the mercenaries of the world.

For just a moment, let’s think about the wars we’ve been in. Not one war except for the one started after 9/11 can really be justified. And even the 9/11 war was started in the wrong country. Let’s walk through this again – most of the 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, not Afghanistan. So why the hell did we go into the wrong country. Well, Saudi Arabia has oil we want. And oil trumps human life because it keeps the munition makers who own Congress rich.

There is no such think as a good war. There might be necessary wars – WW II being the only recent one to come to mind. Need proof? Take a look at our recent wars.

In Vietnam we did nothing but defoliate a land, create a generation of wounded warriors and ultimately surrender. We were there, we were told, to stop communism before we had to fight it in California. No one was ever quite able to explain how it would leap an ocean or maybe they thought it would come through Canada. Those nasty commie Maple Leafers!

In the first Gulf War we apparently… well, who the hell knows why we thought we needed that war. Probably oil again.

Once we finished bombing the crap out of Afghanistan for harboring a terrorist group, we are now negotiating with that group for a peaceful retreat – well, at least this time we’re negotiating it so we shouldn’t have any of those horrible pictures from the last days of Americans in Saigon. Meanwhile, good luck on rebuilding your infrastructure, Afghanistan, we made pretty sure there was little left before we sat down to negotiate peace.

Iraq – anyone injured in what we will now call the first Iraq War should receive money for the rest of their lives from the Bush families’ millions since the only reason they left a leg or arm there was to satisfy a need for revenge.

And that brings us to the present where we have deliberately created a situation in which we will probably end up in a war with Iran and Iraq – yes, THAT Iraq – because Orange Peel was pissed the House impeached him. Oh yeah, and because his balls and penis are so small that he needs other people to fight and die for him so he can pretend they are big.

America – land of the very rich and very poor with little middle left.

America – we have the money to fight wars but not take care of the wounded, or feed and house our neediest, or care for abused women and children, or deal with climate change on any real basis.

America – we keep our heads in the sand while our asses vote and we end up with exactly the president you’d expect if you voted with your ass.

Fingers crossed we all get to live through a new year that is already looking worse than the old one – and who would have ever thought that was possible.