Time is just different

Don’t know how to explain what happened between this and my last post. Seemed like it was only days. Turns out it was almost three weeks. Time is different in isolation.

I realize my days are becoming numbingly alike. Feed dogs. Feed birds. Watch TV. To keep myself from going totally crazy, I’ve assigned specific tasks to specific days. Certain days I do the wash. Certain days I clean the bird cages. Certain days I get stoned so I can forget how miserably boring all the other days are getting.

But, in my continuing effort to provide a public service, I will share my calendar with you. You’re welcome.

Sunday – Zoom with family to do the Sunday Times crossword puzzle together. Easy way to remember Sunday.

Monday – remember what happened yesterday so you know what today is.

Tuesday – meet with Bird TLC crew in parking lot at distance so great we have to yell to each other. Best day of the week. I know this because of friends who remind me. I don’t know how they know what day it is.

Wednesday – clean bird cages – must be time since the veggies and fruit at the bottom of their cages are starting to be pretty rancid.

Thursday – No one know how to remember it’s Thursday. Thursday is the unwanted, redheaded step child of the week… with due respect to Fergie/Kim.

Friday – only Late Show with Steven Colbert and no Daily Show. Easiest day of the week to remember.

Saturday – clean bird cages again – yeah, it’s the smell again.

So there you have it. Of course, this only works if you have birds, friends and family. I’m assuming most of you have family and friends. If you don’t have birds, my sympathy. They will live with you longer than most marriages and, in the end, make you a better person for loving them even though…

OK, it’s Wednesday. Trash day. I may wear my tiara for the cement carpet walk to the end of the driveway.