I think I am handling this very well

I like to think that I am handling this isolation thing very well. Then I realize that I have not only adopted another dog, but I have also embarked on major house renovations. I guess boredom caused me to look around my house and think of all kinds of fun things to do.

I mean, seriously, how many NCIS reruns can one possibly watch before the need to buy a new washer arises – or before you realize that you want new windows. Or a new roof. Or a new anything that will keep me from staring at the same things I have stared at in my house for twenty years.

Yep. I’m handling isolation amazingly well if by well you mean going crazy redoing my house. If I have to stay here every day, all day, then I need something fresh to look at. And if you get too close to me, I may start renovating you too. So it’s wisest to steer clear.