Let them die

Reading about what mostly unvaccinated people are doing to our health care system is one thing. Needing that system and being frightened to use it is another. This is America. We shouldn’t be afraid to go to the hospital.

I recently had an incident where, under normal circumstances, I would have called 911. I didn’t for fear they would want to transport me to the hospital and that scared me more than the incident itself. I may have heart problems, but hospitals in Alaska right now are filled with Covid and I don’t want to be anywhere near that.

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Getting better

Healthy people who exercise and watch their diet religiously still die from a heart attack. Someone with my exercise and diet program should have kicked off when I was about 30. But here I am and there is no logical explanation except perhaps that I’ve never taken horse deworming medicine for any health problem.

Having survived both a heart attack and the subsequent surgery, my greatest desire was to get back to my regular life as soon as possible – with the probable addition of some actual exercise and diet restrictions. But it turns out that getting back to the Continue reading →