Why does Governor Dunleavy hate education

In my parents’ generation, nothing seemed more important than their children having a better chance than they had. So, they worked their butts off to make sure they could offer us the chance at an education that would lead to a better life. My mom and dad spent their entire lives in an apartment over their grocery store. They did this so that their children would be able to live in nice houses with lawns in the suburbs after they finished college and got the great jobs their education promised.

I think most, if not all, parents today still would Continue reading →


Dunleavy and Cubas – oh sweet Jesus!

I recently found myself in the unfamiliar position of defending Governor Dunleavy. It was a short but wild ride. The issue at hand was Jeremy Cubas.

My friend was bemoaning the fact that because of resignations in Bronson’s and Dunleavy’s administrations, there is hardly a political hack left in municipal government. Well, she wasn’t so much bemoaning the fact as she was horrified by the reasons for the resignations.

I personally feel that the governor needs to take a good look at the people who are supposed to vet his appointees. Find the one who let Cubas slip by and Continue reading →