Greyhound therapy is morally bankrupt

Back in what many refer to as my misspent youth, I worked as a nurse in a Brooklyn hospital. The hospital was not in the best part of town and the ER saw a lot of homeless people, drug addicts, alcoholics… you get the idea, right? So, to achieve a momentary relief from the problem, the hospital had a program the nurses called Greyhound therapy. It was exactly what it sounds like. The powers that be bought patients a one-way ticket on a bus out of town. Pushing the problem off on some other locale was considered an ok thing Continue reading →


Allow a child their right body

I grew up as a fat girl. Or maybe I wasn’t. All I know for sure is that my mother made me think I was. We shopped for me at Chubbettes and I still get email solicitations from something called Chubbies.

I’m guessing she didn’t mean to, but my mother left me with a lifelong eating disorder and an unshakable conviction that I was unattractive to men in my fat condition. By the time I was 21, I was so uncomfortable in my own skin that I snuck food into my bedroom even when I was living alone. And once Continue reading →