Shakespeare was not out to make high school students crazy

Do they still teach Shakespeare in high school? Are there still students trying to read Macbeth or Hamlet and wondering why Shakespeare thought he should use language that is just confusing and hard to understand? Do they wonder what kind of a sadist would do that to kids just trying to finish a report on Ophelia?

So, here’s the answer. Shakespeare is not, to the best of our knowledge, a sadist. He did not write his plays to cause high school students to scream into their pillows as they try to decipher what Iago means or Shylock is saying. What Continue reading →


Is Bronson Anchorage’s dumbest mayor?

As we draw closer and (thankfully) closer to the end of the Bronson administration’s term in office, I look back at the debris strewn path he is leaving behind, filled with destroyed reputations, demoralized employees and a homeless population he apparently plans to keep homeless, and wonder what he thought he was doing.

He was new to government. Perhaps starting at the top was not a good idea. Maybe he should have started closer to the bottom, so he’d have some appreciation of what working for municipal government is really all about.

For instance, most people will tell you that Continue reading →