Be nice to poll workers

Voting by mail is easy. All you need to do is mark your choice and stick the ballot in a mailbox or drop box. Easy-peasy.

Of course, you can also go vote in person on election day if you are willing to risk what has become a scary task. Given all the grief and threats that election workers now face, I’m surprised there are any left who are willing to risk life, limb, and reputation to keep America a freely voting nation.

Maybe it’s because I’m old and was raised in a day and age when going to vote was Continue reading →


Anchorage needs ranked choice voting

So, this is for newcomers to Anchorage. Yes, we do a lot of strange things. We wear shorts while there is still snow on the ground and insist if it’s April, it must be spring. We pull out more fishing gear from our garages than is seen in most 3rd world countries. And we hold elections in the spring.

Why, you may reasonably ask, do we do that? Well, if I remember rightly, Anchorage had a big discussion about how its elections were lost in the furor of state and national elections held in the fall. So, local elections Continue reading →