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Old Friends

The thing about living in Alaska is that if you weren’t born here, if you came here from elsewhere, you probably left a lot of people behind. I know I did. While I wouldn’t give up the life I have here for anything, I can’t say that I haven’t missed being a bigger part of my birth family. Although it’s been over 44 years, I still miss the siblings and cousins and friends I left behind.

One of those friends will be visiting me tomorrow. She’s special. She got to wear a cape to her high school prom, the most Continue reading →


And this is why I don’t wear trifocals

Thought I’d save a little money and buy trifocals instead of progressive lenses. Wow. What a mistake that was. I don’t know how anyone handles trifocals unless their glasses are twice as big as mine. All I saw were blurry lines all the time. Made me crazy. Did it for a day thinking I’d adjust. Spent the day nauseated by all the bobbing my head had to do. Went right back to the optician and had them redo the glasses into progressives… thus spending more than if I’d just ordered the progressives in the first place. And this is why Continue reading →


I know now what lenses I can’t use

Thought I’d save a little money and buy trifocals instead of progressives. Big mistake. Big, big mistake. Just returned them to be refitted with progressive lenses. I’m hoping the nausea goes away by tomorrow. Those trifocals are wicked.

On another note, Trump continues to amaze, doesn’t he? This would be really funny if it weren’t so scary for our country. Continue reading →


The latest in this page’s development

I’m always so gratified when people actually think I understand thingamabobs as much as I understand dohickeys. Anyhow, this is the latest from the long suffering Sonya who puts up with my inability to comprehend what is, apparently to some, very simple language. So this is what she wants me to tell you. Do with it what you will. I hope you understand it more completely than I do.
“…tell your visitors they can now share your individual columns, and add their comments in Facebook when they share.”
I have no idea on Facebook where it will show up.
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Columns 2016

Your vote is your power

I’m writing this before the final vote in Tuesday’s primary election. While I may not be able to name the winners and losers in contested seats, I feel pretty safe in saying that the turnout was dismal. I can predict this because that’s the way it almost always is.

Perhaps the upcoming presidential election will push more people out of their chairs and into a voting booth in November just because the rhetoric in that election is so very loud, angry and divisive. Or perhaps a lot of Americans will do a lot of ranting and raving about the election Continue reading →