It’s over

It’s over. OK, maybe not completely over but for most reasonable people the presidential race is in the rearview mirror and the only important thing now is how the heck to share a 24 lb. turkey over Zoom.

I realize that for some, this election will take some time to put behind them. They fought for candidates that didn’t win and that’s never fun. They are now faced with senators, representatives, a president and a vice president that they feel do not represent them. And all I can say is, welcome to America. This is how it works. Get used Continue reading →


Powerful penises NOT

So this is my question. When men reach powerful positions, does all of their intelligence head south leaving nothing for the brain? Does oxygen follow their intelligence south? Is there simply no air left in their brains that allows for rational thought? Or is it their ego that is slurping up all that oxygen leaving none for simple logic? You’ve got to admit that current events would certainly support that concept. Why else would any powerful man think he could keep a sexual picadillo private? Do all powerful men think that they are the exception in the Me Too era? Continue reading →


Go vote!

I asked for a mail in ballot. I initially thought I wanted to vote by mail. Being over a certain age and with a wild variety of health issues, it just seemed safer. But the more I thought about it, the less I liked the idea. Not because of voter fraud or fears of what someone in the post office will do to my ballot – I mean, get real. I have yet to see a mailperson who seemed to want to do anything but deliver the mail and get home to his or her family. While Alaska has certainly Continue reading →


RBG changed my life

I don’t know if it’s possible to explain to young women today just how different the current world is than the world in which I grew up. The death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg – RBG! – has started me down the path of memories of that world. Despite coming of age in the sixties, I was still a product in many ways of the fifties.

I grew up at a time when women had very limited options in life. Most women accepted that their lives would follow a well-worn path – grow up, maybe work a few years in Continue reading →



I was speaking to a friend of mine recently who retired from teaching, very reluctantly, a few year ago. She loved what she did. I imagine she was like a lot of teachers you know. Dedicated to her work. Putting in more hours than ever recorded taking care of the paperwork required by the multiple agencies funding education. She took extra classes to get her master’s because it made her a better teacher and was the only way she could reach a compensation level even slightly in alignment with the amount of time, energy and love she put into her Continue reading →


The Postal Service

Ah, the US Post Office. Those of us of a certain age wax nostalgic over the mailman – and they were all men back then – who delivered the mail right to your home. They usually knew you and your family members by name because they’d been doing it for so long. For others, mail delivery has always come in a truck that stopped at the end of the driveway to put the mail into the box there. And for others, mail delivery meant going to the post office to meet and greet friends and pick up your mail.

Having Continue reading →


We’ve not come far from Bedlam

Bedlam was a real place. There was a time in British history when it was second only to St. Paul’s Cathedral as a place to visit in London. For a nominal fee, the general public was allowed to enter Bedlam and view its patients. It was considered one of the best shows in town and was so cheap that even Londoners put out the money for multiple visits because you never knew what the show would be that day.

Patients were often naked and chained to beds and walls and each other. The treatments prescribed were in some ways barbaric Continue reading →


Police defunding

So just exactly what is it that we expect from our police? Yes, I fully understand that they should not be racist. Seriously, that should just be a given. They should also not be prone to violence in their policing duties. Yes, there may be times when the only answer is a drawn gun. But that should never be the answer to a call for help with a social services or mental health situation. In fact, why the hell are we asking the police to respond to those things in the first place?

A person experiencing a mental health crisis Continue reading →


I think I am handling this very well

I like to think that I am handling this isolation thing very well. Then I realize that I have not only adopted another dog, but I have also embarked on major house renovations. I guess boredom caused me to look around my house and think of all kinds of fun things to do.

I mean, seriously, how many NCIS reruns can one possibly watch before the need to buy a new washer arises – or before you realize that you want new windows. Or a new roof. Or a new anything that will keep me from staring at the same Continue reading →