My days are such

My days of lounging are such that even one appointment can throw my whole schedule off. I mean, is it morning? Afternoon? Evening? How am I supposed to know which shows I should be watching if I don’t know what time of the day it is? Can I have more Snapple tea with caffeine or is it time to switch to Crystal Light? Again, how can I possibly know when an appointment in the middle of my lounging throws everything into chaos.

If it weren’t for my dogs who know exactly when dinner should be served, my whole day would Continue reading →

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I saw D.C. I cried

I have tried to give myself some distance from what happened in our nation’s capital. But I can’t. I long for some way to view it dispassionately, to calmly pull apart the various pieces and examine how we got to the point where armed insurrectionists invaded Washington, DC. But I can’t get past that moment when I first saw the invasion of our capital. All I could do was cry.

I am by all accounts an old lady. My generation was raised by the generation that survived the Great Depression and won the Second World War. They viewed America as Continue reading →

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Are you happy now?

All you Trumpers, out there. All you people who followed him into this horror because he made your stocks and money soar. Are you happy? Today, in Washington DC, you saw the results of your belief in the Trump cult.

You should all be so ashamed of yourselves that words can’t even express how ashamed. I know that there is no site on this web that will allow me to call you the range of names I want to because they are too vile. But not for describing you. And not for this day.

Here’s how the future goes for Continue reading →

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I simply have

I simply have some of the best friends in the world. I know. I know. This is something I should have realized a long time ago when I figured out that friends here were as reliable as the family you left behind when you moved to Alaska.

Today a wheel fell off my bird cage. Given how incapacitated my right arm is, I was unable to fix it. I called The Sisters. (Don’t worry, Noe and Malia, I won’t use your names.) In twenty minutes or so they were at the house. The birdcage was fixed ten minutes later, the Continue reading →

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Columbus… really?

Gov. Cuomo supports statues of Columbus remaining in place because they have come to represent Italian American achievements in America.
Columbus was an Italian who sailed for Spain and ultimately failed in his goal of finding a new route to India while somehow missing the entire North American continent.
Is this really the symbol of Italian Americans that we want to project ? Continue reading →

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It finally happened

I don’t scream a lot. When I get angry or frustrated, my tendency is to stop what I’m doing and get stoned and return to it at a different time. But today, whatever has been building up since isolating finally erupted.

I ordered groceries using Instacart. I can’t even detail how many items the shopped brought me that were wrong. And there is no way to contact your shopper to return anything. I get to pay for it even if it is something I never asked for, don’t want and won’t use.

I was standing in the bathroom feeling the Continue reading →

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Oh my Oh my Oh my

So today, in an excess of caution, I decided to get a mani/pedi while it was still safe to go out. And yes, you can congratulate me on having my priorities straight. First mani/pedi, then meds, then food. Oops – let me correct that. First pot, then etc. etc.

By the time I got to Costco the place was a madhouse. The lines for checkout went around to almost the back of the store. And I once again have to ask – does everyone think the corona virus gives you the death squirts? Because if not, why the hell the Continue reading →


Let us talk of the corona virus

I am one of those people in a demographic that promises I will die almost instantly if I get near anyone with the corona virus on them. I mean, I’m really IN that demographic. Solidly, unequivocally, and completely within it. In fact, I am in it times three.

I am slightly over 60. Ok, slightly over 65. Ok, fine! I’m slightly over 70 and that will be the last word on that. As for underlying health issues, well there is where I really grab the gold ring. I have not one, not two but three underlying health conditions that guarantee Continue reading →


Just remembering a day

It’s cold out. My chores are almost all done. I’m taking a break for the pause that refreshes. And my mind, for reasons totally unknown to me, travels back to that day on the Steel Pier…

Her name at the time was Grace Letizia. Her current name will remain anonymous in case she thinks we don’t escape this tale without looking like two of the biggest nerds the goddess ever created. The place was the Steel Pier on the Atlantic City boardwalk. The year is a bit vague but probably right around 1960 or so. (This is one of those Continue reading →

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I get up, let the dogs out, open the lights for the birds, hit the on button on the coffee maker and then check my blood sugar and take my meds.

After all that comes the real fun, the fun you get to have it you’re retired and really enjoying it. I climb back in bed with my coffee and my iPad. My two dogs curl up around me as I check out the morning news, read the paper, answer emails and generally spend about two hours just letting the day start slowly and peacefully.

This is just my way Continue reading →