Proof the retirement years have not been wasted

I have taught my parrot to dance madly while I sing “Silly, silly baby bird.” I swing and dance with him. I’d show a picture but he won’t dance unless I am right next to him doing it and I am not capable of holding my iPad and dancing and singing at the same time. There are some who suggest I can’t even do that without the iPad in my hand.

So you’ll have to take my word on this. My senior years have definitely not been wasted. Continue reading →


Oh dear god please stop!

As I took my trash and recycle cans to the curb today, I found myself repeating over and over – STOP EFFING SNOWING. JUST STOP EFFING SNOWING!

I hope whoever is in charge of the weather heard me and stops this insanity. It’s May! It’s spring! Stop snowing. For the love of god, stop snowing. Continue reading →


A nation of guns

I recently ranted on my podcast about guns, abortions, and transgender youth. Given that I started the podcast as a kind of cathartic remembering of my life and its strange turns, this was a new topic for sure. But I felt as though I would explode if I didn’t do it because my anger had reached a level where choking on those words might have caused me to stroke out. And my doctors wouldn’t want that to happen. So, here’s the basic question that is choking me because no one seems to be able to give me a good answer. Continue reading →


Happy 420!!!

This is for all the potheads in the world. May you someday rule in peace and comfort with munchies to spare.

As someone who doesn’t like wine, beer or any spirits except for a margarita, pot has been my friend for over fifty years. Kept me smiling and laughing through a lot of things that would otherwise have had me crying and screaming.

Thank you to everyone who fought to make pot legal. It’s the right thing to do.

Elise Continue reading →