TV shopping is not for the faint of heart

In the spirit of spending my tax refund at least three times over, I went to a store the other day to look at TVs. Since my current one is so small I have to literally pull my chair to within two feet of it to really see well, I figured I could go to the eye doctor or get a bigger TV. The bigger TV won hands down.  Much more fun than an eye doctor…no offense, Grant.

So I’m standing in the store staring at what looks like miniature movie screens when a very nice young man comes up and asks if he can help me. I made the mistake of saying yes.  Forty-five minutes later I left the store with my head pounding as I tried to comprehend the difference between LCD and LCD that married LSD and became a TV that may or may not have a light behind it that burns out but I can get a warranty for the picture that appears really tiny next to the picture I”m watching (total sixties flashback) so I can decide if my attention span is way too long for the modern world while seeing every channel available on the screens that allow four tiny pictures to crowd out the big picture which makes the big picture actually about the size of the picture I see on my current TV.  I think I’ll just go buy a book.