Enemy of the people

So according to Orange Goo, the Democrats only know how to obstruct progress and the media is the enemy of the people.  Allow me to politely disagree.

First of all, the Dems seem to be most adept at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. To imply that they are organized enough, coherent enough and unified enough to obstruct anything is just stupid. Oh yeah, and they don’t have the votes in Congress to block almost anything PigFace wants to do. In fact, if you want to talk about great obstructionists, how about Merrick Garland’s fate at the hands of Continue reading →


Something we have in common with Russia

No, it’s not having a strong leader. Their leader is a despot who kills at will regardless of national boundaries. America’s current occupant in the White House is a bragadocious bully who would run from the first sign of any physical confrontation and then claim he won by a knockout.  No, here’s what we have in common with the majority of Russians:

“The poll by Russian Public Opinion Research Center concluded that only 10 percent of respondents have a favorable view of Trump, 20 percent had no opinion on the matter while 71 percent had an unfavorable view on the Continue reading →


Ah the yellow gown

I’ll admit I have trouble respecting Melania Trump given the deal with the devil she was willing to make for an American passport and penthouse made out of gold. I’ll also admit that when it comes to style and fashion, I’m perhaps not the greatest dresser in the world – unless thirty year old sweatshirts, Costco stretch pants and five year old sandals have suddenly made a comeback. But I also don’t have millions of dollars to spend on any dress I want and stylists begging to dress me. I just have my dogs wondering when I’ll put my pants Continue reading →


It’s the pardons, stupid

While we are all busy being amused by the shiny lights glittering in the sky – you know, the ones only Orange Goo could see while everyone else was looking the other way – anyhow, we are all so busy with the lights and bells and whistles that we are missing the true story here. And the true story is the story of the pardons.

POS is not pardoning all these people because he gives a crap about them. Giving a crap would involve compassion and empathy, both of which were obviously left out of his DNA. No, he is Continue reading →


The real reason for Brett Kavanaugh

We are all so busy being focused on the threat to Roe v Wade that we are totally missing the real reason that the Orange Goo has selected Kavanaugh. It’s because he doesn’t think sitting presidents should be held accountable by law other than impeachment. So no indictments while in office. How convenient for that melted pile of goo. Even if the Mueller investigation finds him criminally liable… and we all know that it will inevitably do that… Orange Goo can simply thumb his nose at the American people and our rule of law. He will finally have become the Continue reading →


Another great quote

I’ve got to say that I did not think rereading Vanity Fair would reveal to me that Thackery was quite ahead of his time in his understanding of politics, human nature and… yes, vanity. Here’s the quote that caught my eye last night. Going on two hundred years later and it’s still fresh and relevant – especially in today’s America.

“One of the great conditions of anger and hatred is, that you must tell and believe lies against the hated object, in order, as we said, to be consistent.”

William Makepeace Thackery Continue reading →


You know we are in trouble when…

You know your country is in trouble when late night comedians don’t have to do anything more than air a two minute excerpt from a speech given by the POS currently sullying the White House to elicit belly laughs at its incoherence. Then you suddenly stop laughing as you realize this illiterate, mean, and nasty idiot is running this country. Oops, forgot used an n instead of an i in that word. I mean ruining out country. Continue reading →


Once more to my childhood

The Miss America Pageant won’t leave me alone. Just as soon as I recover from the feelings of body shaming that accompanied every pageant of my youth, the Pageant hits the headlines again. And I am again that tubby little girl sitting in front of the TV on a Saturday night, windows wide open in the living room to catch a breath of air on a warm September evening, knowing that two blocks away the most beautiful woman in America would soon be crowned and I would never, ever be able to be her.

There were no pageants for the Continue reading →

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So we’re no longer even trying to hide the selling of America

Thanks to large donations from certain companies that might have a financial stake in the matter, the United States went to a meeting of the World Health Organization and tried to block a resolution urging the international community to encourage breast feeding and stop misleading claims by formula makers that what they sell is better.

That’s right, folks. We are now formally opposed to the idea that breast milk is best for an infant. Given that breast milk is a goddess given attribute, does this mean that America is now formally against the goddess’ choices for us humans? Or do Continue reading →


Defending the indefensible

When I hear supporters of the current administration complain that the accomplishments of the administration are not being recognized, I find myself truly amazed that I have to explain to them that I can’t hear those accomplishments over the screams of three thousand kids separated for no reason other than cruelty from their parents.

Defenders of this administration remind me of the Germans who would defend Hitler by saying he did a lot of great things except for that little Jewish problem.

A piece of shit that builds a railroad that runs on time is still a piece of shit. Continue reading →