Poor Melania

Not only did she apparently have to at least once have slept with that jiggling tub of lard she is married to, but when she tries to actually say or do something nice, he just gets thrown in her face anyhow. So today when she tweeted about it being ‘do a nice thing” day or some such shit, she gets slammed for not making her husband nice first.

I’ll bet she thought she won when she bagged him. Now she realizes it makes her one of the biggest losers in the history of mankind.

Maybe we need to start a Continue reading →


It’s a brave new world in which women and people of color are determined to participate

The current occupant of the White House has some fairly fanatical supporters who wish we could just go back to the good old days of the 1950s when America’s economy was thriving, women were secretaries and men ruled. Well, let me clarify that. White men ruled. It seems that now that their hegemony over the rest of the world is being challenged, they are getting more than a little nervous. I totally understand their concerns.

I grew up in that world of the fifties. There was an order to be followed and everyone followed it. Maybe not all were following Continue reading →


and on another note…

I don’t see what all the fuss is about. We have at least one school shooting a week. Isn’t that our new normal? I mean, aren’t all Americans entitled to all the guns they might want no matter how powerful or deadly or meant only for killing other humans? Isn’t that the NRA stance? And isn’t that what all the pussy-assed politicians are kissing NRA butt to keep legal because their powerful position is more important than the lives of any teenager? Continue reading →


So here we go

Thoughts on an early Thursday morning…

According to resident black magic witch Kellyanne Conway, if a woman is strong and intelligent, she can’t be abused. Hmmm… I guess that makes me a weak idiot. Because I was in an abusive marriage. Not for long, but for what now seems like a brief five minutes in my life, I learned that someone you think you love can be unbearably cruel both physically and mentally to you. And what that happens, the initial confusion makes rational decisions difficult to impossible.

I had never seen abuse growing up. My father and mother had Continue reading →

Columns 2018

What price fame?

Can you see their faces? I can. They are beautiful young ladies with impossibly toned bodies who perform amazing feats with those bodies. They always seemed so fresh and young and innocent. They represented our idealized dream of the all American girl.

But we must once again ask ourselves what price we are willing to pay for fame. We must ask why, given what has happened in other institutions like Penn State and the Catholic Church, organizations still think the best way to handle a bad situation is to protect the organization instead of the people being hurt. It is Continue reading →



No, I did not listen to it. The sound of his voice makes me want to start cutting myself. The snippets I’ve read haven’t changed my mind on this POS. And I think the look on Melania’s face as she stood in the audience tells me that she is not a happy camper at all. Waiting to see how long before she moves back to NYC.

We have got to take back the Senate and House. This disgrace to our country simply can’t continue. Continue reading →


Can’t do it

Can’t listen to tonight’s speech by the POS currently sullying the White House. My ears are too sensitive. I fear they would start bleeding before he finished his first pack of lies, let alone his second and third.

Nope, I think I’ll just watch Big Bang reruns and dream of the time when we actually had a literate, intelligent gentleman as our president. It seems so long ago… Continue reading →


I did not know this

Apparently the POS currently sullying the White House was not invited to Davos. He just went because he wanted to. Suddenly I have a lot more respect for Davos. Even they know he a fool. Yep, rich apparently doesn’t cure stupid. Continue reading →


Ah, earthquakes

You know you’ve lived in earthquake territory for too long when you can’t find the enthusiasm or energy to wake up during a 7.9 earthquake. I woke up, tried to figure out if the house was really shaking that badly or was I just still dreaming, saw the dogs still sleeping around me (they hadn’t even skipped a snore), figured all was ok and went back to sleep.

Now I’m thinking my dogs may not be the early warning signal I thought they were. Continue reading →