Baby Birds and Bird TLC

I’m assuming that anyone who knows me knows that I am a bit crazy about birds…all birds, every kind, shape, variety and sound. God gave them the gift of flight and I think I’ve always been a little jealous about that.

Anyhow, I volunteer with a group called Bird TLC that provides rehabilitation for wild birds here in Anchorage as well as education programs with birds that cannot be released.  And with spring just around the corner, we have something called Baby Bird Season upon us.

Baby birds who have lost their home or their mom for some reason are brought in to us on a pretty daily basis in the spring. We use foster parents who have the kindness and patience to often stay up most of the night meeting the feeding demands of little baby birds. When they are old enough, they are released back into their natural environment. Since Bird TLC is (to put it mildly) non-profit, we depend on the kindness of strangers and friends to keep us in supplies.

Below is a list of items that you could donate to help us in our mission, especially with the baby birds.  As always, if you don’t have time to shop, cash is a great substitute.  And if you want to find out about being a volunteer at the clinic or a foster parent for baby birds, call 562-4852 during regular work hours. Financial donations can be sent to PO Box 230496 Anchorage 99523. Thanks in advance from all the birds and me.

So..What do you get a baby bird for a gift?

Baby Shower Gifts/Needs List for Baby Birds

� Small Baskets (craft baskets or laundry baskets to house babies)

� Netting (like is used for screens, it’s sold in a roll)

� Stir sticks or something similar (to feed the babies with)

� Clothes Pins (to hold the screens in place)

� Heating Pads (to keep the babies warm)

� Lamps (to keep the bigger babies warm)

� Extension Cords (to get power to the heating pads)

� Paper Towels (Lots!)

� Kleenex, unscented only (for baby nest material)

� Tums (to put in the baby diet for calcium)

� Canned Science Diet Feline Growth (for the baby diet)

� Bleach (to keep the baby stuff clean & sterile)

� Chick waterers (for the duckies!) At Alaska Mill & Feed

� Non-medicated duck/goose starter (for the duckies)

� Pine Nuts (to wean our seed eaters)

� Sunflower Seed (to wean our seed eaters)

� Quart Mason Jars (for the chick waterers)

� Old Towels (to keep everyone clean)

� Blood worms (dried)

� Tubiflex worms (dried)

� Mealworms (live)

� Waxworms (live)

Donations of cash can be given in lieu of live worms