Why the new year scares me

One of our more intelligent Alaskan politicians…and believe me, in this state to be called more intelligent than most politicians is to be damned with faint praise…has announced that rather than give same sex couples state health benefits, he would strip those benefits from everyone, including people who in his mind are legitimately married.  How much hate does that take?  Since this is based on his Christian belief that marriage is only between a man and a woman (forget that this is not about marriage – that is a concept way beyond his level of hate), I have to ask what would Jesus do. And you know, somehow in my reading of the Bible, Jesus has never come across as mean and vindictive.  In fact, I think he would probably want to see everyone get care when sick and get all the help they need to get that care. But then, maybe I’m missing some chapters in the Bible that say that Jesus would rather you die in pain and poverty than give you the right to have state health insurance if you are a gay employee’s partner.