Is this really progress?

I opened the Lifestyles section of our local paper yesterday only to find a full page spread on how Nancy Pelosi is bringing pearls back into fashion.  Why is it that I can’t remember one full page fashion spread on Dennis Hastert or any other male House Speaker in all my many decades of life? Why did what she wore while sitting behind Bush when he made his State of the Union address to Congress get prominent mention but no one bothered to comment on what Dick Cheney was wearing?  We’ll never really be equal, will we, until the media stops focusing on what we wear and focuses on what we say.  No one is judging Barack Obamba by his hairstyle or clothing choices.  So why do I hear jokes about HIllary Clinton’s pantsuits all the time?  Is it just society’s subtle way of making sure we know our place even if we do manage to get some power?