It’s like God heard me

Just because I complained about winter, god made the winds come.  They blew so hard I couldn’t walk the dogs. Now the dogs are bouncing off the walls. I’m not saying they aren’t the brightest bulbs in the box but I don’t know how else to explain their reaction to the weather. I let them out the back door into the yard and they do what they have to…after I’ve physically had to shove on Blue’s butt to get her out the door…and then run in like the wind is a prelude to the coming of the Hounds of Hell. Then they run straight to the front door, eager for their walk, as though they think that the weather will be better in the front than the back. And when we finally go out the front door, the look of bewilderment and disappointment that they haven’t escaped the Hounds of Hell is palpable.

Dogs…you’ve got to love their totally unwarranted enthusiasm for something better just around the corner no matter how many times that enthusiasm has been dashed against the shoals of reality.  I guess in that way, they aren’t much different from the Bush administration.