I try to get a take out meal

So there I am on Sunday afternoon thinking that there is nothing in my house I want to eat for dinner and having no desire to cook something up. So, I decide it’s time to treat myself to that wonderful spicy rice cake appetizer I’ve been thinking about ever since I had it at the Korean VIP restaurant here in town. But I can’t remember what it’s called. I go online and they have no menu there. I check the phone book and they have no menu there. I decide to grab a magazine and drive there and order dinner to go, read while I’m waiting and then take a menu with me for future take out needs. I pile the dogs in the car and head out. I get to the VIP and it’s closed.  So I decide to go to the Vietnamese restaurant nearby which also has some awesome food. I drive there and it’s closed.  So I go to a gourmet grocery store in town thinking I can get my fill of something spicy and Asian from their takeout. But everything looks old and tired and picked over. I go to their deli section and realize I can’t really read the board hanging from the ceiling with the day’s special on it. An employee comes up behind the counter and asks what I want. I point to the special. I mean to ask what it says but before I can, he’s nodded ok and headed off to make the special. I come home with a roast beef sandwich I really didn’t want, no Asian food at all and have spent more time acquiring the sandwich than I would have spent if I just cooked something at home.