Where’s the instruction booklet?

It is now glaringly clear to me that I would have made the worse mother of all times. Blondie wasn’t supposed to walk since she hurt her knee until the vet cleared her. Blue didn’t understand why we weren’t going out. So I’d try to distract Blondie and then grab Blue and run out the front door. It didn’t even work one time. I finally took to letting Blondie go out to her doghouse with a pig’s ear. This would normally occupy her for hours as she tried to figure out how to hide it so that Blue didn’t find it and eat her stash. I waited till she was in the dog house and seemed settled. I grabbed Blue as quietly as possible, went out the front door on tippy toes, closed the door as gently as I could and then tried to hot foot it down the driveway and out of sight with as little clamor as possible.  I glanced back at the yard as I passed thinking that this time I”d outsmarted her. And there she sat…eyes wide in disbelief and hurt. I was sneaking out without her and no amount of explaining was going to make it right.  She never barked.  Never fussed. Just sat there staring at me with those huge brown eyes till I was out of sight.

I never knew guilt could feel so heavy.