I found the 28 percent

Don’t you find yourself wondering who the 28 % are that still support the BushCheney debacle that is humorously referred to as our current administration. I say humorously because they long ago stop administering anything and started focusing solely on chaos, nastiness, secrecy and torture. I think the idea was if they kept things insane enough, we wouldn’t notice what an incompetent failure they are. And then, just when I think that 28 % is a figment of the imagination of some pollster who was too embarrassed to admit that no one voiced any support whatsoever for these idiots, someone writes a letter to the editor in the paper supporting these incompetent fools and does a rant based on a reality that is most closely aligned with the matrix. I am stunned that these people actually know how to write. And then I’m buoyed by the hope that if they are intelligent enough to write, maybe someday that intelligence will lead them to see the truth about the devastation wrought on this country over the past eight years by an administration that truly deserves the moniker Evil Empire.