Absolute power

As that old saying goes, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I find myself wondering if there is anywhere in this world a politician who is not ultimately corrupted by power, no matter how honorable they are at the start. That’s really where my disgust with government lay.  Even good people who get into office and stay too long eventually end up corrupted because there are simply too many people sucking on their butt at once telling them how wonderful they are. They feel powerful and eventually feel untouchable, as though the laws they pass are meant for mortal men but they are gods.  Will women eventually succumb to this call too? Are there so few women on the list of corrupted politicians because there are so few women in power or because women resist the siren call better? I’m afraid when we go through times like this, I find myself thinking that it’s just a matter of giving women the time to catch up.