The truth must be told

So many people have asked this question that I feel compelled to come clean about the timing on my blog entries. Although I blog every day, the times when I do vary wildly. At some point I chose sometime in the 3 AM bracket to have that day’s blog entry appear. My blog machine, or whatever it’s called, allows me to choose the time the blog entry shows up on the site. So for all you who wonder how I can be so brilliant/stupid/funny/dull/idiotic/dense/insightful at 3 AM, the truth is that if I am awake at 3 AM is probably because I’m waiting for an ambulance. Short of needing emergency care, this old lady has trouble going much beyond 1 AM with any coherence. And even 1 AM is possible only if I am in bed reading something that requires minimal comprehension.

And no, I have no idea why I chose the 3 AM time slot. I’m sure I once had a very compelling reason. It will, alas, be lost forever in the increasingly dim mists of my mind.