I could not be sorrier

Upon hearing word that Sarah Palin has whipped crowds into frenzies that leave them screaming Terrorist and Kill Him about Barack Obama, I can only say how truly sorry I am that someone like that is representing my state in any fashion. Isn’t that what Hitler did to justify murdering Jews?  Is this really what Palin wants to do to move her national political career forward?  There is a lot of discontent among Alaska’s First People because they feel this governor has ignored them and is no friend of theirs or their concerns. When she acts like this, she merely proves how right they are. She can be a nasty redneck. Prettier than most perhaps. With all her teeth. But a redneck in the ugliest sense of the word. Either that or her ambition is so blind that she will do or say anything she is told to do or say if she thinks this will make the people she works with in the McCain campaign happy.