Babies, babies and more babies

It occurs to me that we go through a stage in our lives where it seems as though every friend we have comes with a baby attached at the hip. They can’t come visit without bringing a bag bigger than most Pilgrims packed to populate the new world. It seems as though you will never have a quiet moment with them again where they are not talking babies, running after babies, changing babies or apologizing for the never ending wail of a baby.

And then one day all goes quiet. The babies talk now. Some even become interesting human beings that you don’t mind spending time with now that they are passed that nasty diaper stage.

And then one day you realize you haven’t held a baby in a long, long time or sniffed the sweet smell of sour mild on its breath….ok, maybe the smell isn’t sweet in reality, but it is in memory.

And then one day those darn kids start having kids. And it’s a baby explosion all over again. And your friends now show up with babies again but this time they get to give them back to the mom or dad when the smells and barf and crying start. And you have your world filled with babies again. And you realize that this time around you are going to enjoy it so much more now that you’ve seen what wonderful young adults those little babies turned into.  And you can give them back when they start smelling funny and someone else has to change them.

It puts all of politics into perspective.