Giving through the PFD

I filed for my PFD yesterday. I did it online like so many Alaskans are doing. It’s so darn convenient. The easiest money most of us will ever make. Just point and click and VOILA! come this October, the state will give you free money. So while you’re earning these easy dollars, do yourself and our community a favor and choose to point and click on the arrow that lets you donate part of your PFD to one of the many charities listed on the website. It’s free money you and I haven’t really earned. And a little of it can go to help causes that do so much for our communities from the arts to animal rescues to historical projects to education. It’s the easiest giving you’ll ever do. I did it. I figure if I never see the money in the check, I won’t be tempted to spend it instead of sharing it. Helps my better impulses to come to the fore.

So go file online for your PFD, remembering that by doing it the paperless way, you’re already doing some good by saving the environment. And then point and click on the donate site and do even more good. Then sit back, sip your latte and wait for that check to come rolling in.