The inadvertent gardener

I discovered a bag of bird seed last month that may or may not have been a little old. The fact that I “discovered” it in a little viewed section of a box was enough to convince me that I shouldn’t attempt to feed it to my parrots. However, I figured it shouldn’t have to go to waste so I dumped it in a corner of my yard where the dirt had long ago won the battle with any grass that might have thought it wanted to grow there. That way, the wild birds could pick through it and have some good eats.

I promptly then forgot about the pile of seeds. Until today. I was glancing down as I put some peanuts out for my Stellar Jays waiting patiently in the tree when I noticed that in the middle of my little dirt field, I now had a very distinctly delineated patch of green growing. The damn seeds had sprouted. This, from a patch of land I’ve tried to get to grow something for ten years.

It just goes to show, some things are better off if ignored.