Finally the secret is out

I’ve been squirreled away at my sister’s home for a week so that I could be the surprise at the surprise sixtieth birthday party for my cousin held on Halloween.  I went dressed as Sarah Palin with a full face mask, chest waders, a toy rifle and a toy stuffed moose with a sign around my neck that said, “Vote for me or the moose bites it.” Despite the fact that my surprise appearance somehow slipped out at least in suspicious whispers to some, most were unaware I was here until I unmasked at the party. It was actually a relatively successful surprise, which doesn’t often happen in my family.

Now this may not sound like a big deal but then, you don’t know my family. That we can keep a secret from each other longer than ten seconds is amazing. We are that family where everyone knows everyone’s business and we all happily intrude in everyone’s life without a second thought as to whether or not it’s appropriate. Occasionally there are hurt feelings. Mostly though, it’s just easier to have everyone know everything so conversations around the family holiday table do not have to be censored in any way… a particularly difficult task after the first bottle of wine has gone round.

And on Wednesday I return to my life in Alaska, once again refreshed and renewed by hugs from my siblings and my cousins and subs from the White House and Sacco’s.  Sigh… life is good.