A question I must ask

So there is a picture in the paper of Sarah Palin on her book tour with her little daughter Piper. Piper is carrying Trigg.  And I can’t help but wonder if all of Sarah’s adoring conservative fans would be quite so adoring if a liberal politician was traveling the country using her two children for photo ops while one should be in school and the other should not be carried by the one who should be in school. I wonder how those conservatives would react and my answer is they would excoriate any liberal female politician who did what Palin was doing. They would call her anti-family and say she should not be exposing her kids to such media attention and should be home caring for her family and shouldn’t be letting her little daughter seem to be carrying the responsibility for her little son.

But since this is their darling Sarah, all this is somehow ok and part of their family values agenda. 


All I can say is that I’d better never hear Palin complaining again about the media exploiting her kids. She seems to be doing that quite well all by herself.