The Jersey Shore

Just when I think civilization has reached its nadir, cable TV comes along with a program that proves we have even farther to fall. In this case, it’s a show called The Jersey Shore. I’ve never actually watched the show and wouldn’t have known of its existence were it not for the fact that one of the people in it punched a woman out on camera. I know this because the cable channel… showing the good taste for which cable is known… pulled the spot before it showed. But not before making sure every sleazy entertainment news show had the clip. Those shows then proceeded to show and re-show the punch at least five times while their “reporter” intoned in a voice Walter Cronkite used to announce Kennedy’s death that it was unconscionable to have this clip as part of a TV show and everyone should be glad it was pulled in the name of good taste. (Cue the clip to show again as you fade to commercial)

There is no taste or morality left on TV.  It is, as was so famously said once long ago, a vast wasteland.  And it is apparently inhabited by creatures rejected from what is left of civilized society.

God help us.