It gets harder as I get older

Used to be that the dark and cold winters of Alaska didn’t bother me at all. Hell, I used to live in Barrow where the sun didn’t rise from the end of November until the end of January. I reveled in it. I loved the dark season.

But now I’m older and I’ve noticed that my energy level starts dropping as our daylight drops. By Christmas, I’ve reached the point where getting out of bed before 10 AM just seems like an imposition. Dressing to take the dogs for a walk seems to be an extremely arduous task, rewarded by a walk that leaves my face frozen and my teeth hurting. Walking to the mailbox seems more effort than it’s worth because the driveway is icy and I have to put cleated shoes on just to get to the end of it.

What the hell has happened to me? Am I officially reverting to a lower 48 wimp?