The glasses saga

Did you ever have one of those ideas that seemed simple enough when conceived but turned into a mini-nightmare in execution? All I wanted from the start was a spare pair of glasses. I had one pair that worked for me since my cataract surgery significantly improved my prior vision causing me to give away the glasses I’d been hording for thirty years. I waited for the two years to pass so my insurance would pay for at least some of the cost of a spare pair. I apparently waited two days too long. When I tried to get another pair with the same prescription, I was told I’d have to have an eye exam because the current prescription had expired two days ago. I explained that my diabetic eye docs had just examined my eyes and all was fine and my vision was great in the glasses I had but it was all to no avail.

So I sat down and spent two hours getting a new prescription that was pretty much exactly my old prescription. But when I went to the optician shop right outside of the optometrist’s office, I was told that they would not bill my insurance. I’d have to pay and then bill my insurance myself.

Not wanting to carry that cost on my credit card, I came home and call around until I found a place that would bill my insurance directly. I went there, found some frames and put in my order. One week later, I had my spare glasses… except that they gave me a splitting headache whenever I wore them that would last into the next morning after a full night’s sleep.

So I went back to the optometrist. The front desk lady took my new glasses and brought them to the optician shop next door and asked that they check the prescription. I sat and waited half an hour. Then I was told the doctor would have to see me again to make sure the prescription was right. I waited another hour. Then the eye doctor told me the prescription was right but he wanted the optician to check the glasses yet again to make sure nothing was missed. Chalk up another wasted half hour in my life.

Finally I was told that the prescription was correct but the company that made the glasses had put a prism in that was not supposed to be there and made my eyes look in two different directions at once, ergo the headache.

So I took the glasses and returned them to the company that made them… another wasted 45 minutes in my ever shortening lifespan. Now I wait for them to remake my glasses.

And all I ever wanted was an exact replica of what I was wearing. For this, I wasted the better part of four hours or more.

If only I’d had this idea two days earlier…..

And yes, I’m well aware of the fact that simply having insurance to pay for these glasses makes me a lucky person. But there is no rule that says a lucky person can’t bitch.