Let’s face it, plane travel sucks

I watched “Up In The Air” recently and the only thing I could think through the whole movie… aside from the fact that George Clooney has no right to get so much sexier with the passing years…. is that there is no way ANYONE is as comfortable and happy flying as George would have us believe. Flying is a misery from paying for a suitcase to cramming more carry-ons than god intended anyone to have into a small overhead space, to seats that create more intimacy between you and the person in front, beside and behind you than you have with your spouse, to service as non-existent as leg space, to incredibly invasive security techniques that come at the end of grumbling lines of shoeless passengers…

OMG… I would kill myself if I had to travel for work all the time. As it is, I barely can work up the energy to visit family and friends once or twice a year.

Up In The Air was a fantasy both in my lascivious thoughts of George and the film makers incredibly unreal depiction of any joy left in plane travel.

When, oh when, are they going to get a workable transponder on the market!