Is she really this dumb or just playing to the base?

On what passes for a news show on Fox, Sarah Palin recently explained her opposition to an Islamic Center being built a few blocks from ground zero this way. She said that the argument for the center was that it could promote understanding and tolerance and counter extremists. If that’s so, said our lovely gal Temporary Sal, then why is it that New York City already has 100 mosques and they didn’t stop the 9/11 terrorists.

Really, Sal? Somehow mosques in NYC were supposed to affect the behavior of young men raised and schooled in the Middle East who didn’t live in NYC ever? Because unless you are privy to secret information that’s been kept from the general public, none of the 9/11 extremists was from America or NYC or anywhere near those 100 mosques.

Hmmm…. you might actually have to say that those mosques did their jobs since they did not produce one terrorist involved in the 9/11 attacks. But then, if you said that you wouldn’t be on Fox (pretend) News because you would actually have brains that you were using to think logically. And as anyone knows who watches some of the more popular fake news shows on Fox, making sense and having a brain are not half as important as using lies and half truths to rouse the rabble.