Just when you think the world has gone completely insane

It used to be that when you lost a pet, you kind of kept your grieving private for fear people would think you were silly to be crying over a dog or cat or snake or fish… But now our world understands how precious these creatures are in our life. They bring love and singleminded devotion on an amazing level to us. Offering condolences and understanding the loneliness and pain that accompanies the loss of a companion animal is now openly acknowledged.

And that’s what gives me hope for this crazy world. Despite all the ugliness that sometimes invades our sphere, there are also those wonderful people who reach out to you and let you know you aren’t alone and feeling sad is very ok.

So to everyone who has extended their sympathy and care to me since the loss of Blue, thank you. For so long as there are people in the world who not only understand this pain but acknowledge it openly, there will be good and compassionate people around.