Pity the poor man

I got an interesting number of e-mails from men explaining to me how they are the abused and put upon creatures in this world and that women and children are running wild making insane accusations against them that they are powerless to refute.

In a country in which 99% of the most powerful people are white men passing laws that protect or assist themselves (Viagra is paid for by insurance but not birth control, hello?!!) excuse me if the vitriolic rants I’ve received make me want to do nothing more than spit up in my mouth.

Yes there are men who are abused and yes there are women who falsely accuse. But the overwhelming… and go look up the statistics yourself…. majority of reports are backed up by bruises and broken bones and children who lose their virginity by the time they are three. And for centuries men got away with this because they had all the power.

Well now the power is being shared at least a fraction and that means abuse will no longer be ignored or hidden.

Pardon me if I’m too busy with a caseload of abused children to cry a river for poor put upon men!