Doggie Diet Drink

It’s apparently not enough that the world expected me to be slender, svelte and attractive… something I’ve never actually managed to do in my lifetime and, quite frankly, no longer care to strive for. But when they decide that dogs need diet drinks…well, really. What has the world come to. It’s name is Slendrol or something like that. I saw it at my local vet’s office. Said it helped the pounds to melt away. Well hell, if that’s true, hand me a tablespoon or two.

My dog in Barrow, Lovey, was overweight her whole life except for very early puppyhood. Every vet who saw her warned me I was taking years off her life by not putting her on a strict diet. She died at 18 still overweight and with a grin on her face from ear to ear. Her last meal had been a very good one indeed.