Nose spraying your dog

None of the suggestions worked for making this simple. I end up holding her head in a perverted wrestling lock while she fights every moment of the application of a spritz of nose spray into each nostril. Now when I approach Blondie, I have to do it with my hands open and out in front of me so she can see that there is no dreaded spray bottle in them. Otherwise, she runs like the demons of hell are chasing her and doesn’t stop until she has scrunched herself into her little doggie cave at the end of my closet where she is pretty sure if she sticks her head in the corner and closes her eyes, no one can see her.

But here’s my real question… how much of this steroid spray can hit my fingers, hands, wrist, and occasionally face, before I start showing some side effects? And will the side effects be fun? Pretty? Nice? Or will I simply start to grow hair in places god never meant any human to grow hair? Given my luck, I’m expecting the hair.