It may be true, but that doesn’t make it any easier to hear

So I’m sitting in a dental chair… right off not one of my favorite moments in life… and the very nice young man who claims to be old enough to have graduated from dental school and done a root canal on me last year asks how the tooth feels. I tell him that I barely remember having the root canal and have had no pain or any problems since he did it. He allows as how I was pretty drugged when my friend drove me to the appointment saying, “You’re of that generation that doesn’t like to come to dentists because we used to hurt people so much… you know, my grandmother’s generation.”

He’s lucky that when I left that room he was still able to reproduce if he so desired. It took a lot of restraint on the part of this “grandmother” to not permanently damage his crotch.

It may be true… I may have passed from being his mother’s generation to being his grandmother’s generation. But that sure doesn’t make it any pleasanter to hear.