The Sounds of Silence

When I was in college I spent a lot of time at my Aunt Toni’s house. One time I transcribed the words of the song The Sounds of Silence for my cousin Robert who needed it for a school assignment. To this day, I only have to hear the opening notes of that song and I am instantly transported back to Glenside Pennsylvania and the living room of my aunt’s home. The sun is shinning, it feels like autumn, and I’m sitting next to a hi fi playing the song over and over and grabbing a few lyrics with each replay. Life wasn’t necessarily easier or nicer for me back then. But going back to that one moment in time is magical for me because it brings back a world long gone but never forgotten of a youth that was spent more happily than not despite the insecurities and neuroses I was so good at creating.

I miss all those people now.