OK, I can see where counseling might be helpful

I geared up all my strength, clenched my teeth tightly and stormed the bastions of our mercantile world – i.e. Kohl’s and JCP – in my every other year, do or die, all my clothes are now rags, shopping trip. As I looked at the faces of the others in the store and realized none of them looked like they wanted to burst into tears as I did, nor did any look like their faces were quite as grim as mine, it occurred to me that perhaps, just perhaps, this problem I have with shopping goes a bit deeper than I’d imagined.

On the other hand, except for going to Value Village to pick up some sweatpants with elastic waists, I don’t have to shop again for another two, possibly three, years depending on how well the clothes hold up.

So, as Scarlett once said, I think about it tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day… and in my case, that tomorrow may be more than 700 days away.