It’s all Karie’s fault

She bought the red stuffed Santa doll that has now become Carm’s obsession. It must always be in his mouth or by his side. As I lay in bed last night giving him his goodnight pats, he sat bolt upright with Santa in his mouth, unable to lay down and relax with the pats because to do so would have meant putting Santa down and then BuddhaBubba might get him. So there he sat, trying desperately to keep his eyes opened, holding tightly to Santa, until finally sleep overwhelmed him and Santa dropped from his mouth as his head drooped down and hit the bed… at which point he woke up, grabbed Santa, jumped off the bed and spent the next 30 minutes pacing through the house with Santa trying to find a safe place to stash him. Eventually he returned to the bed, tried to stuff Santa under my pillow and, after I made it clear that wouldn’t happen, curled up with Santa between his legs and relaxed into a restful but guarded sleep.

I am happy to announce that Santa was still there when he awoke this morning and BuddhaBubba thinks Carm is nuts for imagining that BuddhaBubba wants anything to do with Santa… at least, until Carm drops his guard. Then all bets are off.