Here’s how you’re supposed to act

Iditarod musher Allie Zirkle agreed to take on California lawyer Grace Jiu in an arm wrestling contest in Nome shortly after completing this year’s race. It took very few seconds for her to accidentally break Jiu’s arm. But guess what? Defying all odds and expectations… especially given that a lawyer was involved… no one is suing anyone over this incident. No one is bad mouthing anyone. No one is, in effect, acting like a spoiled brat whose parents have told her that the world owes her everything. Nope. What we have here are two decent adults treating each other decently. It was an accident. Imagine. An accident. I didn’t think anything so simple existed in today’s world where stubbing your toe outside a building gives you cause to sue the building for toe trauma.

Way to go, ladies. Keeping it classy!